Map of Bontddu

1. Do buy a kitten that runs with the crowd. If you think the ringleader might be troublesomely bright, take the kitten that is half a jump behind the leader, if you like it equally well.

2. Do buy a kitten that reacts normally to unusual sounds and such enchanting sights as a length of string being pulled across the floor.

3. Do buy a kitten that answers when it is called. By the time it can walk a kitten should know enough to respond to kitty, kitty, kitty.

4. Do buy a kitten as sharp witted as the average in its litter.

5. Do buy a kitten that loves the whole wide world and you, especially you.

6. Do, above all, buy the kitten you like best, even if the seller says it hasn’t a chance to win a ribbon. Buy it if it costs twice as much as you’d planned to spend, or if the price is so low you’re sure its pedigree must be faked; pedigrees are darn poor companions.

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