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Map of Bolsover on It is always interesting to observe how different markets can change when you travel in foreign countries. In other contexts, the label landscape (i.e. what is currently offered to consumers in their local outlets) looks different in any supermarket or retail store abroad, because supplies and habits are not exactly the same. For decades, young American tourists traveling in France packed jars of peanut butter in their bags, because they were told by the first editions of the travel guide Let's Go Europe that there was no peanut butter in French stores and supermarchs.

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Things have changed since then, but this old rumor shows how a lack of distribution makes a somewhere popular product unavailable in a whole region or even a country. Those tourists might remember the Renault, Citro«n or Talbot cars that they saw or drove in Europe, and ask why these automobiles can't be found in North America as easily as a Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, or even the German Volkswagen. Map of Bolsover 2016.

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