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Map of Boissy-l'Aillerie on Small weekly newspapers or free magazines (those that you find for free at the door of your local supermarket) often depend exclusively on advertising and conceive as a tacit rule that companies must first advertise their products (either movies, books, shows, restaurants) in order to get attention in a review, that would serve as a recognition and exposure in the public sphere (that can be seen as a kind of advertising). Those who can't afford or those who don't want to pay for advertising might be given less attention or less space in those pages. Some magazines even buy their visibility in selected book stores' shop-windows. What you see easily in the showcase or near the cash register at the supermarket is not necessarily the best or the most important magazine; in some cases it is just the one that had enough money to buy the best chosen space with the best visibility. The problem is many people rely on the media to select for them what to choose and buy, be it books, records, food, restaurants, etc. If many critics are sometimes guided by their announcers, their judgments might be influenced by the choices that were made for them. Other critics or commentators feel no pressure from their advertisers, but they see that other critics have largely covered a new show, a new movie, and they wouldn't want to be the last to talk about it. Map of Boissy-l'Aillerie 2016.

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