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phazard, but is as commemoration almost finickally precise 202 feet high, it is said to bc 202 feet away from the spot in Pudding Lane to the cast, where on the night of 2nd September, 1666, the fire broke out, to bum for five days, to consumc utterly some 436 acres of the City‚„s fabric, including about 13,000 houses and 89 churches. Its progress is vividly recorded in the pages of Pepys and of Evelyn. The ascent up the interior should be made. It is 3 steps on a cramped spiral, but you tread in the footstep, of legion upon legion of Londoners and visitors through the last three hundred years, and should you pant, Addison was there before you panting, stopping several times to recover breath. And at the top, flooding the strait platform, there is a huge sky, and London cluttered below, disorderly about the broad shining wander of Thames. The immediate area laid waste by the Great Fire you can gaugefrom this side of the Tower of London on the east to just beyond the tiered spire of St Bride‚„s Fleet Street,

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