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Map of Biscarrosse on Ashton-Tate's dBASE was the most popular database program, along with runners-up such as R:Base, Paradox, and various dBASE-compatible programs such as Clipper and dBXL. Meanwhile, IBM belatedly realized the importance of the PC market and extended its alliance with Microsoft to develop a Macintosh-like operating system for the PC. The operating system, OS/2, would be jointly marketed by IBM and Microsoft. After OS/2's introduction in 1987, Microsoft urged other software firms to focus their development efforts on moving their programs to OS/2.

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At the same time, Microsoft continued to develop Windows, which would in the 1990s displace both PC-DOS and OS/2 in the marketplace. Other software vendors later complained that Microsoft, which lacked a single numberone application software product under PC-DOS, dominated every category in the 1990s via its control of Microsoft Windows. Partly as a reaction against Microsoft's heavyhanded tactics, the late 1990s saw the development of open source software, freely distributed programs whose program code was open for inspection and improvement by users. Map of Biscarrosse 2016.

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