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Map of bihar on UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN Credit Suisse Group CREDIT SUISSE BEGAN as a commercial bank in 1856, at a time when SWITZERLAND was first embracing the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. In 2003, Credit Suisse Group was the second-largest financial services firm in Switzerland, behind rival Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). In 1856, Alfred Escher, a young Zurich political figure from a prominent local family, was making slow progress in his talks with foreign banks about ways to finance a proposed northeastern railway, so he decided to set up an independent bank in Zurich. Between 1856 and the outbreak of WORLD WAR I, Credit Suisse continued financing the country's RAILROAD system, and began financing the electrification of the country.

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The bank helped develop the Swiss monetary system and, by the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, Credit Suisse was the largest bank in Switzerland. With the outbreak of World War I, foreign investment stopped completely. Investors in hostile countries returned Swiss securities. Map of bihar 2016.

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