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Map of Berri on AlI these have been revised to fit the argument of this book, and, for Chapters 3 and 5, greatly lengthened. A prcis of one section of Chapter 4 has been published in Chinese, and Chapter 6 in an earlier form has been published in Spanish. A much shorter version of Chapter 3 appeared as Individual and Communit y in The Return of the Native: A Reappraisal, in Thomas Hardy Reappraised: Essays in Honour of Michael Millgate, ed. Keith Wilson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006), 154-73. l thank Keith Wilson and the University of Toronto Press for permission to reuse this material in lengthened and revised form. TIle first version of sorne of the material in Chapter 4 was given as a lecture at a conference on Conrad sponsored by Professor Jakob Lothe of the University of Oslo and was entitled ‘Material Interests': Modernist English Literature as Critique of Global Capitalism. This material is reused in revised and distributed form in the third section ofChapter 4 ofthis book. Map of Berri 2016.

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