Map of Belize

Map of Belize

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Map of Belize on A meaning automatically or mechanically emerges from the juxtaposition. Of course Pynchon behind the scenes has cunningly constructed the story as a machine that will generate just that meaning in the right readers. So, however, have the boys’ unconscious secretly constructed Carl Barrington to satisfy certain desires. Bath the stary, as words on the pages, and Carl Barrington, as a character within the story, exhibit what Jacques Derrida caUs survivance, not survival, but surviving, a kind of active/passive living on. Both are made of traces in the Derridean sense, the printed words in whatever copy of Slow Learner happens to faU into my hands, and evidence remaining of the community’s discarded cultural fragment: phrases, images, possibilities that grownups had somehow turned away from, repudiated, left out at the edges of towns. That detritus, however, ineluctably survives as the means of manufacturing Carl or of putting together the words of the story. Both survive as dead/alive, as phantoms, as the living dead. Map of Belize 2016.

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