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Map of Beirut Tourist on Cupit, Jennifer (M) In the 184-year history of the Centenary Operatic and Dramatic Society of Warrington, 79 Cupit Cheshire, the amateur acting group never put on a production more packed with the elements of lust, betrayal, and violence than the true-life drama involving the murder of Kathryn Linaker by Jennifer Cupit. Linaker, the mother of two young children and her husband, Chris, a 34- year-old computer training consultant, were active members of the dramatic society where Kathy had scored leading roles in several musicals including Gigi. Through their involvement in the theatrical group, the couple met the Cupits, Jennifer and Nick, in 1996 and became close friends. Unlike her talented leading man husband, Jennifer, a former hairdresser, was a perennial member of the chorus unable to land any of the company’s starring roles. Craving attention, the 24-year-old wannabe actress with a dream of stardom, faked fainting spells during rehearsals and was recognized by other cast members as an outrageous flirt. By 1997, the Cupit marriage had all but ended helped along by Jennifer’s bulimia, depression, and self-inflicted razor mutilations. Unknown to their respective spouses, Chris Linaker and Jennifer Cupit began a torrid affair in January 1997 shortly after returning to Warrington from a trip to London with society members. Map of Beirut Tourist 2016.

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