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Map of Beijing Tourist on The 6-7 progression is a variant of it. Equally notorious is the evening-star’s bullish mirror image, the morning-star, particularly when situated in the bottom of a bear swing. Progression 8-9 depicts a rather aggressive version, but if we track the bars individually, the W-characteristics are easily found: bar 8 forms the right leg down as well as the middle-part up; the bar in the middle, Chapter 6 Manual Exits – Reversal Exit although not the classic doji, is the middle-part down and a false low with bar 8; powerbar 9 is the right leg up. Take note of the bullish response when the high of bar 9 was taken out (a bit over the top, though) . It doesn’t require much imagination to find variations of evening and morning-star patterns in almost every notable turn; but before looking upon them as holy grail setups, do keep in mind that these patterns are best judged in the light of the bigger picture. For example, an eveningstar break in a bull trend could trigger an exit on a long, but does not necessarily make for a safe entry short. In accordance with reversal exit policy, we could have used the break of bar 4 to exit the long position for a minimal loss of 1 or 2 pip. Map of Beijing Tourist 2016.

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