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Map of Beida on l choose the eloquent passage describing what went on in Crawley’s mind as he sat hour after hour brooding over his sufferings. The illustration from the original edition appears in Figure 2, and the passage follows here. Figure 2. From Anthony Trollope, The Last Chronicle ofBarset (London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1867), in Chapter 1, as reproduced in the Gutenberg Kindle e-text. The original caption reads, Mr. and Mrs. Map of Beida 2016.

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The youngster was the deck boy, although he must have been in his mid-twenties, whereas the rest of the crew were all north of fifty. They were competent, although patronising to me, which I found irritating. When I gave them an order they would look at each other before doing it, going off laughing and talking loudly and expressively in Cantonese. We left Port Moresby after five days and sailed round to Lae on the opposite north-east coast, a four-day trip through the narrow Jomard Passage that separates the Coral Sea from the Solomon Sea, through mostly deserted island waters. We kept ten miles off the New Guinea coast, the deep green of the jungle slid by, an occasional group of outrigger canoes our only sightings on the sea.

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