Map of Bech-Kleinmacher

Map of Bech-Kleinmacher on Their separate individualities are lost in the they. They are representatives, however, of a more or less positive version of Heidegger’s das Man. They do not, even so, have enough consciousness of themselves as separate individualities to be anything lilze Heideggerian authentic Daseins. Therefore, they do not have life stories worth telling. Hardy’s narrator is not particularly condescending to them for that lack, as Heidegger certainly is in his description of newspaper reading, public-transportation-taking members of the they, who think and judge not for themselves but just as those around them do. Hardy, on the contrary, admires and warmly sympathizes with the heath folk. The Return of the Native celebrates and commemorates the true natives of the heath as a vanishing species. Map of Bech-Kleinmacher 2016.

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