Map of Baynton

Map of Baynton on Some researchers in the unsolved Taylor case believe Minter may have accidentally shot the director while prodding him to commit to her while many more suspect Charlotte Shelby of making good her threat (Kenneth Anger Collection). clergy they were legally mar ried. Not surprisingly, Minter soon became pregnant with Shelby footing the bill for an abortion, but not before threatening to kill Kirkwood should he ever attempt to see her daughter again. This episode initiated a pattern between mother and daughter. Shelby, to protect her investment, was suspicious of every man in Minter’s life and was well-known for threatening violence against anyone who showed an interest in her daughter. Minter, routinely escaping the locked room in which her mother confined her at the height of their frequent arguments, looked for masculine companionship. William Desmond Taylor, the urbane sophisticate universally respected by the Hollywood Establishment, unwittingly entered the Shelby- Minter psychodrama around 1919 while directing the teen star in Anne of Green Gables. Map of Baynton 2016.

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