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Map of Bartletts on mental processes) so that there is a minimum of interaction between them. seizure n. a discrete episode of uncontrolled, excessive electrical discharge of neurons in the brain. The resulting clinical symptoms vary based on the type and location of the seizure. See epilepsy. selection n. in animal behavior, the differential survival of some individuals and their offspring compared with others, causing certain physical 01 behavioral traits to be favored in subsequent generations. Map of Bartletts 2016.

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The Americans had signed a ceasefire with North Vietnam at the beginning of the year to allow the US troops to leave and finally get out of a long and ultimately fruitless war. President Johnson had sent troops into Vietnam in 1965, with high hopes and flags flying, to prevent the dominos falling. The domino effect theorised that if Vietnam fell to the communists then one by one the other countries of South-East Asia would also fall and the whole region would be lost to Western influence and control. Australia would also be threatened. America was rabidly anti-communist at the top.

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