Map of Barnawartha

Map of Barnawartha on The 63-year-old record producer with Sullivan in tow had spent the early part of the evening drinking at places like Trader Vic’s and Dan Tana’s restaurant. By the time Spector arrived at the Foundation Room it was estimated he had imbibed four daiquiris and two Navy Grogs all containing liberal shots of rum. According to a later state – ment made by his limousine driver, Adriano De Souza, Spector was already slurring his words as he walked in the House of Blues. At the lounge, Spector ordered a straight shot of rum and became incensed when Sullivan opted for water. Spector called hostess Lana Clarkson over to the table and ordered her to take Sullivan to the limousine with instructions for De Souza to drive the woman home then return for him. The record producer and the actress spoke together for some time while waiting for the limo driver to return without Kathy Sullivan. Clarkson clocked out at 2:21 A. Map of Barnawartha 2016.

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