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HOUSING BARBEZIERES : accommodation statistics of Barbezi¨res 16140

HOUSING BARBEZIERES : accommodation statistics of Barbezi¨res 16140

HOUSING BARBEZIERES : accommodation statistics of Barbezi¨res 16140

cost from 35 to 40 cents per pack here. Pipe tobacco, both American and English, and imported cigars are available but expensive. CLIMATE . . Mexico City, situated at about 7,500 feet, has a wonderful springlike climate. Because of the altitude it is essential to take things slowly to avoid overfatigue. There are no sharply defined seasons, but there are light afternoon rains from June through October. Mornings are invariably sunny, even during the rainy season. Mexico City claims to have more sunshine than any other large city and it’s an excellent spot for asthma sufferers. CLUBS : American, British, French, Rotary, Lions, University, Variety, Women’s International, American Legion, Skal and YWCA. Cards are necessary for some and may be obtained from resident members or through a travel agency. COMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS : j Bargaining is accepted practice in the markets and in small shops. The big stores have a one-price policy. Luncheon, served from one to three, is the big meal of the day. Drunks are regarded with intolerance. Women in slacks and shorts are not permitted on the streets of Mexico City. Men should not remove their coats or ties. Women, unless they are in the heart of the city, should not be unescorted. Don’t take pictures of people without asking permission. Everyone plays the national lottery. Residents call Mexico City merely Mexico. COMMUNICATIONS: Telephone, telegraph and cable services are available nearly everywhere, even in small cities. Airmail to the U.S. costs 25 centavos for each sixth of an ounce. CURRENCY: The Mexican unit is the peso, designated by the dollar sign and worth about 8 cents in United States currency. Official rate is 12.50 pesos to the United States dollar. Banks and money exchangers may accept dollars at a slightly lower rate. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS: Tourists are permitted to bring in anything for personal use duty free. 2.2 lbs. tobacco (4 cartons cigarettes) 12 rolls of film, 3 quarts of liquor permitted d

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