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Map of bali on As we approached late 1999, we had different fears. Initially, many were looking for a sell-off prior to the New Year on Y2K concerns. We saw very little selling as we approached the New Year, 66 Trading on Momentum F I G U R E 4 – 5 and basically it was a non-event in that nothing major happened to end the world or provide a global computer breakdown. After the New Year celebration was over, the markets powered to new highs on a very strong market volume, creating excess in the wealth effect that was worrying the Fed as inflation concerns were growing. The Fed had increased interest rates six times in a row and was slowing the economy. The slowing economy and acceleration in inflation was cause for concern as traders who bought in above 4,500 on the Nasdaq, and held, faced a rough road as we neared the 3,000 level on lingering fears of uncertainty as the economic outlook grew larger. Two totally different reasons for uncertainty and fear lead to the market declines. Map of bali 2016.

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