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Map of Ayr on It will teach you how to develop a proper trading mentality and identify realistic expectations of gains and losses. Finally, it will teach you to do the one thing most traders fail to do: paper trade until your methods are successfully creating highpercentage gains. EDUCATION Many of the traders that came from the explosion of online trading see the market as a game that is to be played, rather than a business to be learned. It is precisely this reason that we see such a high turnover rate among aspiring traders who want to make trading a career. Alack of education and preparation is clearly the number one reason why traders lose money and are forced out of the game. Many of today’s active momentum traders actually stemmed from the explosion of the stock market in 1999. They saw the phenomenal gains in stocks like Qualcomm (QCOM) (see Figure 2-1) and Yahoo (YHOO) (see Figure 2-2) and were simply dissatisfied with the meager returns they were getting from their money managers and professional portfolio managers. Map of Ayr 2016.

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