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Map of Atlanta Tourist on Tried in a Denver District courtroom on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery in June 2009, Boham, 28, faced the daunting task of negating the raft of confessions he earlier made to various individuals (his mother, sister, pregnant girlfriend, detective). Susan Strong, Boham’s mother, told the 9 woman, 3 man jury that she called police after he confessed killing Kelso. In phone conversations between Strong and her son recorded in the Denver County Jail Boham talked about his craziness in fabricating stories about the murder, reasoning that If I get one juror to hold out, I will get a hung jury. Two or three hung juries, and I may get a deal for six to 10 years. Taking the stand in his own defense (always a sure sign that things are not going well for a defendant), Boham maintained that everything he told his mother was a complete fantasy designed to make it appear as though he had flown off the handle and murdered Kelso. The reality according to Boham? Together, they devised a plan to make his (Kelso’s) suicide look like a murder-robbery so that the businessman’s life insurance would pay out to his beneficiaries. Kelso, a chronic alcoholic whose blood alcohol level at the time of his death was more than four times the legal limit, shot himself in a depressed state over the recent breakup of two relationships. Map of Atlanta Tourist 2016.

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