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Every possible type of food is to be found in Mexican restaurants. A la carte is, of course, more expensive. You choose your restaurants here, as you do at home, by what you want to spend. Here are some of the leading places in Mexico City: Ambassa-deurs, Paseo de la Reforma 12 (swank and high priced); Prendes, 16 de Septiembre 12 (good European food, moderate); La Cava, In-surgentes 37 (excellent French food and steaks, lavishly decorated as an old French tavern, moderate); Tibet-Hamz, Avenida Juarez 64 (Chinese Restaurant specializing in Cantonese and Mexican National dishes, centrally located, nice atmosphere, moderate); Chalet Suizo, Niza 37 (very popular with tourists, specializes in Swiss and German food, moderate); Quid, Puebla 154 (very special); Shirley’s Restaurant, Villalongin 139 (real American food, moderate); Focolare, Hamburgo 87 (swank and high priced); Rivoli, Hamburgo 123 (a gourmet’s delight, high priced); Jena, Morelos 110 (deservedly famous, a la carte, expensive); Chanteclair in the Hotel Reforma; Paolo, Juarez 77 (Italian specialties, expensive, good); Parador, Calle de Niza 17 (Spanish specialties, expensive, good); Sanborn’s, three locations: Del Prado Hotel Arcade and Paseo de la Reform a 45, the building of the United States Embassy, Madero 4 (United States dishes and Mexican, too). All the top hotels have excellent cosmopolitan restaurants. Mexico City has many bars. Here are a few favorites: La Cuca-racha, Gante 1; El Colmenar, Ejido y Eliseo; Bar Jardin in the Hotel Reforma. Montenegro and Nicte-Ha in Hotel Del Prado. SHOPS AND STORES: The parade of shops is endless. Mexico City’s Avenida Madero is like the Rue de la Paix in Paris. Sanborn’s is famous for textiles and handcrafts. Tillett’s, on Paseo de la Reforma, has those wonderful handblocked prints. There are also good shops on 5 de Mayo and 16 de Septiembre. Mexican jewelry of handmade silver can be bought everywhere. Among the good silver shops are Sanborn’s. Calpini, Prieto, and Vendome. Weston’s, Madero 13, for antiques and curios. Perfumes are lower priced than at home. There are also good buys in quality leather and suede articles. Be sure to visit the markets. There is one in every district. Each one sells pottery, glassware, textiles, serapes and jewelry. The Natio Pawn Shop turns up a bargain now and then, too. It’s a nati institution worth a look. Mexican tinware and Mexican lacquer are be found everywhere. SPECTATOR SPORTS: Baseball; boxing and wrestling (We nesday, Friday and Saturday in the Arena Coliseo); bullfights from October to March every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Novice bullfights fill most of the months when the regular season is over. Chareadas or rodeos every Sunday morning at Rancho del Charro. Football (soccer) in season; horse racing from October to July, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; jai alai, nightly. SPORTS: Golf at Chapultepec Golf Club, Club Mexico and Churubusco Country Club. Cards can be arranged. (Inquire at your hotel or Travel Bureau.) Hiking is a good sport in Mexico. Hunting and fishing permits may be

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