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Map of Asilah on An autopsy determined that death was due to multiple stab wounds and bludgeon – ing. Five days later, on October 10, 2002, Smith’s stepdaughter, Janine Henry, phoned the Clark County coroner’s office to inquire about the John Doe found in the desert whose reported description sounded remarkably similar to her missing stepfather. Henry described Smith to an unidentified employee adding the details that her stepfather had been wearing a necklace from which hung two gold rings (his and his dead wife’s), each inscribed with the words Kuippo, Hawaiian for sweetheart. Also, her stepfather was missing part of two fingers. While the necklace containing the rings was found around the John Doe’s neck, the employee did not mention this to Henry and 289 Smith Jay R. Smith, Freckles in some three dozen Our Gang silent two-reelers from 1925 to 1929, never appeared in another major film production and owned a specialty paint store in Hawaii until retiring in the early 1990s to a gated mobile home community in Las Vegas. Against the advice of family and friends, the former child actor took in a homeless person as a handyman. Map of Asilah 2016.

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