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Map of Argentina Tourist on Millette spent a year at the sanitarium then moved back into the Algonquin Hotel. Bern continued to support her with monthly checks of $350 channeled through his brother, Henry Bern. In Hollywood, Bern’s talent and versatility made him in constant demand as a director (Head Over Hills, 1922; Worldly Goods, 1924; The Dressmaker from Paris, 1925; Flower of Night, 1925 with Pola Negri), scenario writer (The Christian, 1923; Lily of the Dust, 1924; The Marriage Circle, 1924; The Great Deception, 1926; The Beloved Rogue, 1927), and film supervisor (Geraldine, 1929; Noisy Neighbors, 1929; Square Shoulders, 1929). While working at Pathe in 1926, Bern met Irving Thalberg, the Boy Wonder at MGM who was that studio’s highly successful vice president and supervisor of production. Thalberg hired Bern that year as his personal production assistant (pro – ducer) and story consultant. Although MGM producers were not given screen credit, Bern supervised the studio’s productions of New Moon (1931), The Prodigal (1931), and Grand Hotel (1932). At MGM Bern’s impeccable manners, taste, and compassionate treatment of others earned him universal respect and admiration. Map of Argentina Tourist 2016.

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