Map of Antsirabe

Map of Antsirabe on it looks like a case of live by the sword, die by the sword. Shakur’s death six days later marked the inevitably violent conclusion to an all-too brief life filled with contradictions and almost unlimited promise. Tupac Shakur was born into revolution. His mother, Afeni, was 22 when she joined the New York Black Panther party in September 1968. With then husband Lumumba Abdul Shakur and 19 other New York Panthers, Afeni was arrested in April 1969 and charged with multiple felonies including conspiracy to bomb public places in New York City. While out on bail she began dating two men: Billy Garland, a fellow- member of the Panthers, and Legs, a local low-level gangster. Afeni’s bail was revoked in February 1971 and the now-pregnant revolution – ary was placed in the Women’s House of Detention in Greenwich Village to await trial along with the other New York Panther 21. Map of Antsirabe 2016.

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