Map of Ambatondrazaka

Map of Ambatondrazaka on We take pleasure and enjoy ourselves as they [man take pIe asure; we read, see, and judge about literature and art as they see and judge; likewise we shrink back from the great mass as they shrink back; we find shocking what they find shocking. The they, which is nothing definite, and which all are, though not as the sum, prescribes the kind of Being of everydayness …. Thus the they maintains itself factically in the averageness of that which belongs to it, of that which it regards as valid and that which it does not, and of that to which it grants success and that to which it denies it. In this averageness with which it prescribes what can and may be venture d, it keeps watch over everything exceptional that thrusts itself to the fore. Map of Ambatondrazaka 2016.

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