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Map of Aluksne on The most obvious start is for a trader to associate himself with better traders. At the beginning, this isn’t a very hard step. However, I am surprised at how many traders come into the trading game with their pre-conceived ideas and are unwilling CHAPTER 13 Personal Accountability and Trading Attitude 225 to accept any information from colleagues. They figured that they had been around the markets long enough that they had nothing to learn or be taught. They found out months later that they needed to expand their willingness to participate with those more knowledgeable than them. The idea behind this association is to build a trust with that individual to teach you the mechanics behind trading and to correct any misinformation behind market moves or other aspects of trading that is suspect in chat rooms or bulletin boards. Once a trader begins to understand relatively simple aspects of trading, they have a foundation by which to accept or reject further information stemming from their current knowledge base. Map of Aluksne 2016.

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