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A dog infested with a small number of heartworms may show no clinical signs. He may be active and have good stamina. ‘However, as the heartworms multiply, symptoms usually appear. Along with the above symptoms there may be labored breathing. The dog soon .loses weight and becomes anemic. As the condition progresses fluid accumulates in the lungs and the dog is in a critical state.

The adult heartworm can be 4 to 9 inches in length and lives as long as 5 to 7 years in the heart chambers or the large vessels of the heart and lungs. Diagnosis is made by examining a sample of blood under a microscope. Positive cases will show wriggling heartworm larvae.

Alphington photos, maps, books, memories – Francis Frith

Map of Alphington Photo Gallery

Alphington sewer replacement – Melbourne Water

Physical Map of Alphington

GENUKI/Devon: Alphington Parish Map

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