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Map of Aleg on Although traders have been without it in the past, the complexity of the current market participants and routing orders to them make Level 2 an essential part of an active trader’s toolbox. Many Level 2 systems have a Time of Sales Ticker built into them. TIME OF SALES A Time of Sales Ticker is a visual representation of the trades that occur at price levels. This is the same information that a trader sees in the Last Price column on the Level 1 screen. The last sale on a particular issue is CHAPTER 3 Tools of the Trade 47 TEAMFLY reported to the tape and is listed on the Time of Sales Ticker (see Figure 3-3). This scrolling indication of buying and selling gives the active trader a better historical visualization of how much buying and selling is happening in the stock. The Time of Sales Ticker will post the time of the sale, the amount of shares transacted, and at what price the sale was made. Map of Aleg 2016.

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