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al city, Calgary does not possess the administrat-ive buildings that decorate other large Canadian cities, and perhaps the most noteworthy erection is the large Palliser Hotel, built in  Saskatchewan river, where the main C.N.R. line begins to ascend the foothills of the Rockies and where the Alaskan Hwy. leaves for its long Arctic journey, Edmonton is the most northerly large city in N. America. It is also Canada’s fastest growing city; its rate of progress is phenomenal. At the 1951 census, with 159.000 people, it ws the eight city in Canada; to-day it is probably the fourth. In 4 years its population has increased by more than 50.000 and it is expected to reach nearly 300,000 by 1960, as people are moving in at a rate of well over 1,000 a month. In 1954 there was more new building in Edmonton than any other Canadian city except for the two over-a-million cities of Toronto and Montreal. Fifty new industries came in

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Adenau Location Guide

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