Map of Acapulco

Map of Acapulco on Many times they will trade in opposite directions when institutions take their money out of technologies and put it into brick and mortar companies so the differences in each should be kept in mind. I play both markets and look for those types of rotations from one into the other. It is important to watch for sector momentum too because many times you will find the sheep following the leaders and sectors can sustain momentum for days, weeks, or months. You can get a feel for what institutions are doing by watching key stocks that get mentioned time and time again on shows like CNBC by money managers for big firms such as Salomon Smith Barney or Goldman Sachs. Markets that begin in a positive or negative direction are expected to stay headed in that direction for at least two or three days, allowing room for profits for the momentum investor. When important numbers are coming out or any important stock market event occurs, such as the Feds meeting, I like to remain in cash to keep my risk at a minimum. My thinking is to take consistent profits when I can and get out when there is any uncertainty and I collect my money market profits. Map of Acapulco 2016.

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