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ces like the museum in the Undercroft. My personal way from the West Door starts a little way up in the north (left) aisle with the monument to Charles James Fox, shown in the collapse of his flesh, togaed, expiring on his couch, a female Liberty supporting him, Peace at his feet and a negro mourning for Fox’s part in the abolition of slaverythough rhetorical, it is more moving than that monument to his great rival Pitt over the west door (they died in the same year, 1806, and are buried not far apart in the north transept). Thence you pass the monuments, serried against the medieval wall arcading, but this is perhaps the least interesting aisle of the Abbey, and is not enlivened much by the windows (the windows throughout the Abbey are mostly late). Yet, having said that, I will no doubt be immediately rebuked by some visitor who is precisely most interested in the north aisle of the nave. Indeed, as everywhere in the Abbey, there are here the surprises, sometimes almost hidden. Thus, still in the north aisl

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