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Map france on Aprofessional momentum trader can make some very dramatic profits in a short period of time. I group sector stocks together and watch them daily as long as the momentum is present and they regularly glean profits from the action provided by a consistent pattern of similar movements. Daytraders are an important source of momentum and they usually hang out in chats on the Internet. Chats are an important source of infor- 136 Trading on Momentum mation and a gauge of how strong the daytrading community is. Like everything else in the market, the momentum they provide runs in cycles. To gauge the momentum of daytraders, one must watch news plays during the day and the resulting momentum. Most of the time it will be an exercise in patience as many daytrading chats will throw out one stock after another in a machine gun style that would require you to buy 20 stocks just to get three good ones. Map france 2016.

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