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Mohammed so loved travel with cats that he cut off the hem of his robe rather than disturb Muessa, his favorite. He decreed punishment for abusing travel with cats, and to this day a Mohammedan’s house is home only if a cat lives there.

Martin Luther and Lenin were devoted to travel with cats. Superficially this seems illogical because they were both reformers, and nobody ever heard of a cat that wanted to make everybody eat mice. The explanation is that before they became reformers, Luther and Lenin were rebels, and rebels always have been in-

dependent souls. travel with cats and rebels go together like bread and butter.

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Map of Beija-Flor on primary gustatory cortex see primary taste cortex. primary mental ability see primary ability. primary motor cortex see MOTOR CORTEX. primary prevention research and programs, designed for and directed to nonclinical populations or populations at risk, that seek to promote and lay a firm foundation for mental, behavioral, or physical health so that psychological disorders, illness, or disease will not develop. Compare secondary prevention; tertiary prevention. primary process in psychoanalytic theory, unconscious mental activity in which there is free, uninhibited flow of psychic energy from one idea to another. Such thinking operates without regard for logic or reality, is dominated by the pleasure principle, and provides hallucinatory fulfillment of wishes. Map of Beija-Flor 2016.

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