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Manila Metro Map on During months on the run from the police and Nash, Holmes supported their mutual drug habit by breaking into cars and fencing the stolen items. By early November 1981, the pair arrived in Miami, Florida and checked into a cheap motel where they stayed rent-free in exchange for Schiller operating the switchboard and cleaning rooms. The porn star who had once earned $3,000 a day now worked as a painter for a construction company. Informed by Schiller that she no longer wanted to solicit men on the beach for extra drug money, Holmes beat the woman in full view of her friends at the motel. The addict disappeared for two weeks and when he returned on November 30, 1981 he was taken into custody by police for missing various court dates. In reality, the authorities in Los Angeles had decided to charge the 37-year-old fugitive with the Wonderland murders. Nash, as well, had been on police radar ever since the Wonderland murders. Manila Metro Map 2016.

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