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Manama Map

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Manama Map on Do we know of anything in our experience to which the definition self-mover can be applied? Yes, says Plato, we can think of one thing and one thing only, namely psyche, the life-principle. Whether motion is eternal, or as some would have it, all things were at first stationary, self-motion must be primary, and the only self-moved entity is soul. Soul therefore is the oldest of all things and the primary efficient cause of everything. If soul is prior to matter and the cause of its movements, then the attributes of soul must be prior to material attributes. Mind and will are attributes of soul, and are therefore prior to such material attributes as size and strength. To unite in the one thing, psyche, the attributes of life as self-mover and as the moral and intellectual force was for Plato a lesson from Socrates. Yet it did no more than clarify, develope and make explicit a tendency that had been observable in Greek philosophy from the beginning. Manama Map 2016.

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