Managua Map

Managua Map

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Managua Map on In Bacchic rout they mingled it with the shrill sweet breath of Phrygian flutes and gave it into the hands of Rhea his mother, fit sound to accompany the cries of Bacchic women. And from the Mother Goddess did the frenzied Satyrs borrow it, and joined it to the dances of the three-year feasts,3 in which Dionysos rejoices. Much religious history has been packed into this short song, and since it stretches back beyond the times of which we have record there can be no certainty in our interpretation of it. Yet it is worth reminding ourselves very briefly of the probable course of events, which has already been touched on in a previous chapter. The identification by the Hellenes of the god of Crete with their own Zeus goes back a long way. Hesiod takes it for granted, and we may assume it to have been the first step. The ancient warrior-dance of the Cretan kuroi is now given a mythical significance as commemorating the rescue of the infant Zeus. Managua Map 2016.

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