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Maluku Travel on l suppose that is because the citation of Bolivar is a parabasis suspending momentarily the dramatization of a purely imaginary Central American state with an intrusion from actual history. In the Note Conrad has been defending, ironically, the accuracy of his report of Sulaco history, based Conrad's Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo 179 as it is on his reading of Avellanos's History of Fifty Years of Misrule. The joke (aimost a post-modern rather than modernist joke) is of course that Avellanos's His tory is fictitious, aiong with the whole country ofwhich it tells the story. No way exists to check the accuracy of Conrad's account against any external referent, nor any way to check what the narrator says against what Avellanos says.

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Conrad can make it up any way he likes. The quotation of Bolivar reminds Conrad that sorne actual historical references do exist in the novel, and that these are a discordance: 1 have mastered them [the pages of Avellanos's History in not a few ho urs of earnest meditation, and 1 hope that my accuracy will be trusted. In justice to myself: and to allay the fears of prospective readers, 1 beg to point out that the few historical allusions are never dragged in for the sake of parading my unique erudition, but that each of them is closely related to actuality-either throwing a light on the nature of current events or affecting directIy the fortunes of the people of whom 1 speak (Note, 4-5).

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