Malta Country

Malta Country on The photographs are by Hardy’s photographer friend, Hermann Lea. They come originally from Lea’s Thomas Hardy’s Wessex and are reproduced in the Anniversary Edition of Hardy’s works. The captions were added for the Anniversary Edition and are cited from that source.I7 These photographs appear in Figures 6 through 9. You will note that the captions speak of fictitious events as having actually taken place in these once real and photographable settings-for example, It was at the church in this village that Clym and Eustacia were married. These photographs have a peculiar effect, at least on me. Because they are in a now-outmoded monochromatic technology (photogravures), and because these pictures were taken a long time ago in any case, they function paradoxicaIly, for me at least, to emphasize the fictional quality of the text they illustrate, not to reinforce its mimetic realism. Malta Country 2016.

Malta Country Photo Gallery

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