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Maine’s long, wrinkled coastline is necessarily dotted with light houses. More than five do/.en lighthouses the second highest number in the country still Hash in the dark and fog to guide sail ors safely past Maine’s fabled cliffs and rocks as they have for two hundred years.

While the Coast Guard still maintains aids to navigation in Maine, ownership and sometimes operation of the lighthouses now rest in the hands of local agencies or preservation groups.

The Maine Lights program, passed by Congress in 1996, led to the transfer of 28 lighthouses from the Coast Guard to local preserva lion groups or other agencies and served as a model for the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000. Except for eight privately owned towers, all but a handful of Maine’s lighthouses now have local support groups, such as Friends of Rockland Harbor Lights.

Maine is also home to a national organization dedicated to light house preservation, the American Lighthouse Foundation, based in Rockland, and to Lighthouse Digest magazine, “Saving lighthouse history since 1992.”

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