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Welcome to Maine, the largest New England state, larger than the other five combined, but only thirty ninth of all fifty states. Still, it’s possible to drive for eight hours or more from one end to the other.

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More than half the population lives within 25 miles of the sea, on only one seventh of the land, meaning if you’re not in southern Maine or coastal Route 1 in summer, or in the largest city (Portland).

you may have little human competition for space not necessarily a bad thing.

If you don’t like trees, you’re out of luck. Trees cover 90 percent of the land, and Maine is the most heavilv forested state.

But if you like water, you’re all set.

With so many lakes, ponds, and rivers, Maine moves to number twelve in water area, with around 4.523 square miles. And that’s not counting the ocean. Measure around the islands and the wrinkled, convoluted coast, and Maine boasts a coast line of 5,200 miles. Plus, there are islands, lots of islands more than 3,000. A lot can happen on such a coast, and does, from lobslering to fishing to sailing everything from tiny sailboats that hug the edge of a bay. up to week long adventures on Maine’s fabled windjammer fleet.

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