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Madanin Travel on D. Afghanistan A LAND-LOCKED COUNTRY bordered by IRAN, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, CHINA, and PAKISTAN, Afghanistan has an area of 251,739 square miles (a bit larger than France), and has a population of 27 million people. Four ethnic groups inhabit the majority of Afghanistan, making up 88 percent of the population. The Pashtun people comprise 38 percent, the Tajiks 25 percent, the Hazara 19 percent, the Uzbeks 6 percent, and the remaining 12 percent are categorized as other. Afghanistan has never experienced an industrial revolution, mostly due to the near constant state of war in the country and partly because of the extremely rugged terrain. Without an industrial revolution, the major industries in Afghanistan have remained nearly unchanged in the past 200 years since its lawful foundation in 1774. The major industries are textiles and rugs, fruits and nuts, wool, cotton, fertilizer, soap, fossil fuels and gemstones. Madanin Travel 2016.

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