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Madagascar Map Tourist Attractions on And they even fell below a pattern line extension coming up from the earlier lows of 4 and 8. In anticipation of the EU Open, a bear-flag appeared, hanging ominously from the pole 1 2- 1 3. Bar 1 4 wasn’t broken on the bear side, but it wasn’t a great signal bar anyway; next to being relatively tall, there was no harmony yet in the flag and flagpole relation. Bar 1 5 may have shown a similar tall span, but with three more bars added to the flag, at least the issue of harmony was solved. Also, the progression now showed more bearish persistence in the squeeze and it is fair to suggest that the short below bar 1 5 was a valid call. Should this trade not yet have reached target on arrival in the former lows of 2 and 4 (extension of the bottom barrier of the box) , a resistance exit in that level may have been an option (ranging market) . Pullback 1 6- 1 7 showed too much aggression to have accepted the weak one-bar reversal entry below bar 1 7; and it is advised not to trade for immediate continuation in the lows of a range anyway. Madagascar Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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