Macau Subway Map

Macau Subway Map on The speck was not preserved, but various experts who examined the photo determined the spot was probably brain or fat tissue. On June 1, 1992, 14 years after the Bob Crane bludgeon murder, John Carpenter, now a 63- year-old national service manager at Kenwood USA, was arrested in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California. While awaiting trial, the stereo component representative remained free on $98,000 bond still adamant that he did not kill his best friend. The March 1993 preliminary hearing used to establish probable cause exposed the many weaknesses of the county’s case against Carpenter. The Department of Public Safety, the organization that photographed the inside of Carpenter’s rental car in 1978, did not have the tissue speck. In fact, the DPS had destroyed all its reports on the case in 1988, including the nega – tives of photos documenting the inside of the car. Further, the DPS was unable to produce any written record that had noted the tissue in the car. Macau Subway Map 2016.

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