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Macau Map on The killer fired several shots into the air to freeze the group surrounding the fallen rapper prior to fleeing the scene on foot. Rogers, who was not wearing a bulletproof vest or carrying a weapon, was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital. With robbery ruled out as a motive, investigators looked into the rivalry-revenge factor that seemingly hangs like an omnipresent cloud over the world Franklin 100 of rap. On April 6, 1999, an anonymous tip led to the arrest of Rasheem Fletcher, 22. Less than a week later, Kelvin Jones, 29, and Ryan Frith, 24, were picked up as Fletcher’s partners in the murder. Police speculated the hit on Raymond stemmed from a late 1998 incident in which Lost Boyz member, Mr. Cheeks (Terrence Kelly), was robbed at gunpoint. Macau Map 2016.

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