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Luxemburg Travel on The raving women gathered round and tore him in pieces, and his head was carried off in triumph by his own mother Agave under the delusion that it was a lion’s. That, owing to the survival of the Bacchae of Euripides, is the best-known of the resistance-myths. (It was also treated by Aeschylus in a play called Pentheus.) For the others we are not so well supplied with classical or earlier authorities, but the mytho-grapher Apollodorus (? second century a.d.) quotes Hesiod as his authority for saying that it was refusal to accept the rites of Dionysos which was responsible for the madness of the daughters of Proitos, king of Argos. The wrath of Hera was another suggested reason (cited for example in a poem of Bacchylides), and their madness is mentioned by a number of writers (including Herodotus) without reference to its cause. Luxemburg Travel 2016.

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