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3 Ellis St, SW1 Guinness's apparently endless variations on the humble bag transform it into an object of veneration. Witty, fun and expensive. P77Lulu Guinness's new travel luggage collection | StyleFavs travelquaz

Lulu Guinness

I met Jimmy and his friends in a bar outside the ground after the match.

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On my weekend leave during the second term, I went home to see my parents, who I had been neglecting.

The hitchhike home started badly.A middle-aged man picked me up: he didn’t say much, though he did tell me he was going to Salisbury, which was more than half way.I had always hitchhiked as one of a pair, which was the best way to travel because one could doze while the other talked to the driver so as to give him the company he had stopped for.

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