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Lower Normandy Travel on But modern etymologists could hardly be expected to leave such a problem-folk to enjoy unmolested their blissful northern calm, and we must mention their conjectures, which do much to weaken belief in the northern origin of Apollo’s servants, and hence of the god himself.3 One is that the name contains the root not of northern but of a pre-Greek Balkan word for mountain, and that Boreas is not the North Wind but the wind from the mountain. Bora is the name of a mountain in Macedonia, which is compared with Slavonic gora (cf. Crnagora=Montenegro). The Hyperboreans then are either the people who live beyond Bora (if you are one of those who believe in their earthly existence) or above Bora, i.e. in the sky (if you prefer to think of them as divine). Lower Normandy Travel 2016.

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