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Los Rios Travel on Joy Fielding What? Well, he is, I guess, Jess corrected herself. Not that it matters. What are you trying to say, Jess? He’s a lawyer. What? He’s a lawyer. A lawyer, Don repeated. Something happened. He got disillusioned, so he gave it up. Los Rios Travel 2016.

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My first visit to Tarawa remains in my memory at many different levels. Tarawa was the capital of the Gilbert Islands, which are in the central Pacific, just north of the equator. The place was best known for the fierce fighting in the Second World War when the US Marines stormed the beachhead and were cut down by the defending Japanese. It was the first time in the Pacific War that the Americans had faced strong resistance to a beach landing. Over 1,500 men were killed or wounded in the first day.

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