Los Angeles Subway Map

Los Angeles Subway Map on Concerned that she had not seen her tenant for a couple of days, Engels’ landlady let herself into the flat at 5200 Marathon Street on December 5, 1956, to find the former actress lying on the floor beside her bed. Miss Los Angeles, 1940 had died of meningitis hours earlier. Further Reading Ex-Miss Los Angeles Held on Charge of Slaying Mate. Los Angeles Times, June 9, 1954, p. 2. Ethridge, LaJean (V) Ethridge, professionally known as LaJean Guye, was a member of the touring company Names-Townsend Players when the group of six 93 Ethridge was signed by Hollywood star John Wayne to appear in small roles in his directorial debut, The Alamo. Bit players were assigned lodging in bunkhouses in Spofford, Texas while the film’s main cast (actors Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, Richard Boone) stayed in better accommodations on the Shehan Ranch in nearby Bracketville. Los Angeles Subway Map 2016.

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