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Lorraine Travel on We have said already that the reason why the surviving part of a dead Homeric hero was such a poor weak thing was simply that his body meant so much to him and he could not conceive the point of an existence in separation from it. Different times brought different ideas. I quoted Hypereides on the reasonableness of expecting that those who died gloriously would find something good awaiting them after death. The characters of Aristophanes refer to the dead as the blessed, which suggests a very different belief about them from the Homeric. Plato is full of passages which indicate a similar attitude and yet are obviously no more than a reflection of existing belief. There are the words of Kephalos about the tales told of those in Hades, how the man who has done wrong here must pay the penalty there. There are Socrates words in the Phaedo: I am of good hope that there is something for the dead, and, as has been said from of old, something much better for the good than for the bad. Lorraine Travel 2016.

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