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Lorestan Travel on Always they are empty, and hewn, sometimes only roughly, from the rock of the mountain itself. Names and legends grew about them later. Thus the one on the hills above Megara became known as the throne of 1 Speaking of the England of Henry II, Trevelyan wrote: The feudal system had established a class of warriors living at the expense of the cultivators of the soil. It is very like a description of Homeric society, and here too the lords represented very largely the latest wave of invaders. But if we knew as little of the composition of the serf and villein classes as we know of their counterparts in Homeric Greece, it is easy to guess what a poor effort we should make at reconstructing that amalgam of Celt, Anglo-Saxon and Dane. A parallel like this, from an entirely different historical situation, is a slippery foundation for positive conclusions, but a salutary incitement to caution in cases where our ignorance is deeper. 1 Die ReL der Gr. Lorestan Travel 2016.

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